The MPKE & Associates law firm already counts over twenty (20) years of highly competitive presence in the legal services sector; its course has been successful and particularly creative.
The law firm employs the necessary organization format, logistics infrastructure and, more importantly, the expert staff required to undertake cases and provide services that fall within the broader business law framework both in Greece and abroad in various EU and Southeastern Mediterranean countries, either independently or via third party law firms, with which it cooperates. The firmís extensive clientele includes Greek and foreign individuals and legal entities, commercial and industrial businesses, investment and credit institutions, etc.
The firm represents international clients, and supports and conducts a variety of cross-border transactions within and outside Greece. Our legal team consists of experienced and specialized lawyers who at both individual and collective level cover all sectors of business law both in terms of judicial support and extrajudicial counseling.

Our Philosophy:
 The immediate and direct understanding of every clientís and each caseís individual requirements and their legal support via the most effective legal choices always within the framework of applicable professional ethics.